Our Story

Kochi Transformation Network (KTN) was formed in 2016 February, after a few church leaders and non-profit/business leaders attended a gospel movement conference for the city. They were inspired by the vision, which brought about several questions:

What if the churches in Kochi work together to see the love of Jesus shared in the city?

What if we see ourselves as one church that meets as several congregations?

How can the churches, united by their love for God and love for the city, be a huge blessing to the city of Kochi in all its spheres?

Youth Movement Day

Movement Day is an inter-denominational catalytic event being hosted by KTN on September 12, 2020 to bring together youth leaders from various churches of the city to help identify the call of God, bring awareness to the needs of the city and commission them to pioneer various activities which will lead to transformation in the city for the common good.

KTN Stories

Independence Day

Every year since 2017, several churches gather to worship God, thank Him for this beautiful country and pray for His blessing on the nation.

Peace walk at Kochi City

With a love for the city, many gathered together, walking along the streets, praying for the peace of Jesus to impact every sphere of life and society.

Flood Relief

Groups of churches and other united bodies joined together to bring relief to families and communities during the Kerala flood by providing resources.