Our Story

Kochi Transformation Network (KTN) was formed in 2016 February, after a few church leaders and non-profit/business leaders attended a gospel movement conference for the city. They were inspired by the vision, which brought about several questions:

What if the churches in Kochi work together to see the love of Jesus shared in the city ?

What if we see ourselves as one church that meets as several congregations ?

How can the churches, united by their love for God and love for the city, be a huge blessing to the city of Kochi in all its spheres ?

In response to these questions, several leaders began meeting every month and started praying, growing in relationship with one another and collaborating to see how they can begin to serve the city together. From the early discussions and prayers, they crafted a mission, vision, and value statements and began to work in that manner. Since 2016 several prayer and service events were conducted in a coordinated manner demonstrating unity and with an aim to bless the city of Kochi.

The heart of KTN is to facilitate all people to commit, celebrate, collaborate, connect, and catalyse the transformation of Kochi. This is seen as a movement to impact every sphere of life and see the greater good of the city by expressing the sacrificial love of Jesus through their coordinated prayers and service.


There are great things going on in every city. People and businesses and organisations working hard to make a difference, trying to make the city a better place. So why aren't we seeing change that is significant? Is it because we're not as united as we could be?

Are there things that get you down in your city? Every place has its problems, and every place has its own unique character. What would happen if we begin to dream for our city of Kochi? What would happen if we worked together to see that dream become a reality? Could we find the solution to unemployment, waste management, drug abuse, depression? Could we see better community spaces, more neighbourly attitudes, holistic education, and churches that serve to enhance Kochi?

Can Kochi become more beautiful, more caring, more hopeful. This is transformation!


Kochi. If one word has to be used to suffice all that it is, it would probably be “home.” A home to everything, a home to everyone.

There is a certain charm to this city tucked in the southern end of the subcontinent attracting others to it's luscious green sceneries, arrays of coconut trees and sandy beaches. The land definitely looks sussegado but there's more to it.

The sprawling beauty of the city makes itself known vociferously with it's people promoting their ability to sangfroidly blend all their cultures and their unique nature together. The enticing serenity that this space possesses, from it's vestiged old tele-tale folklores to its splendid geographical beauty is really a treat to the eyes of the chief.


To see the love of Jesus transform the city of Kochi


Impacting lives in every sphere, through united fervent prayer and consistent collaborative efforts.



We will commit to engage in a seamlessly coordinated way in the task of channeling the love of Jesus to influence every sphere.


We will come together as like-minded Christ-centered Churches and organisations in Kochi for celebratory events in the city, which will bring believers together for praise and prayer.


We will collaborate with all networked churches and organisations to initiate reaching out to every area, namely Arts & Entertainment, Business, Education, Family, Health, Government, Media, and Social concerns in Kochi city.


We will connect with all networked churches and organisations to convene, coach, consult, research, plan and prepare strategic initiatives to impact and influence each life and every sphere with the transforming power of Jesus in Kochi city.


We will mobilize people from every sphere as catalysts for the transformation of Kochi city.